Dan Talks – Christmas Traditions From Around The World

As a Brit (who loves his food), Christmas dinner is by far the most important and enjoyable part of Christmas Day! Graced with the presence of family who you probably haven’t seen all year, trying to look as interested as you can in the story they’ve just told you for the third time in the last half an hour (smile and nod), the moment those pigs in blankets come out on the plate really is ‘the most wonderful time of the year’!

Forget the giving of presents, forget the Queen’s speech, I don’t care what anyone says – the only thing we’ve all congregated around the table on this 25th day in December to do is to EAT! We over-indulge for the only day in the whole year that its socially acceptable to do so!

I came across an article the other day which was about a chippie in Scotland which DEEP FRIES a roast dinner! Imagine that! Deep fried sprouts?! I know I said earlier about over-indulging but even I wonder if that’s going a bit too far?

This then gave me the idea to find out about more weird and wonderful traditional foods that other countries around the world eat on Christmas Day. Here are my top 5 strangest:

•    Number 5: In Ukraine they traditionally eat dumplings with a mushroom sauce. The most interesting and certainly appealing tradition was that they serve 12 mains! That is a lot of food and certainly an invite I would take up!

•    Number 4: Purely because I couldn’t imagine having a Christmas BBQ, it’s the Aussies. They dine on barbequed sausage, steak and chicken skewers all served up with sweet potato and salads. I mean, yes it sounds delicious – but that’s just not Christmas dinner to me!

•    Number 3: The Argentinians feast on COLD foods for Christmas. I’m partial to a cold and forgotten Yorkshire but Christmas dinner should always be hot in my opinion! Crisp potatoes straight from the oven, mmm… anyway the Argentinians serve Vitel Tone, which is slices of cold veal with a creamy tuna sauce, egg and cheese stuffed chicken with potato salad.

•    Number 2: This goes to South Africa – rather than sharing around a tub of Celebrations over the festive season they feast on deep fried caterpillars?! I wonder if they’re always left with the ones that no-one wants like my family do to me every year – I bloody hate a Bounty!

•    Number 1: This is by far the strangest yet! Did you know that in Greenland they eat a Kiviak, which is essentially (brace yourselves) a small bird called an Auk which has been preserved in the hollowed-out body of a seal, buried for several months and then eaten when decomposed!

Mmm… I think I would go for a sprout over that any day of the week!