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Dan Talks – Black Friday

Black Friday is almost here! Falling on the day after Thanksgiving Day in the USA, it marks the beginning of the major Christmas shopping season and is pretty much the biggest bargain hunting day of the year. Some people even take the day off work to hit the sales. Of course, I love a good

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Dan Talks – Food Battles

If there’s one thing that gets people feeling passionate, it’s a big old food debate. After all, everyone cares about food! I’ve made my feelings on one of the biggest food arguments very clear (pineapple is the best pizza topping and I won’t hear otherwise) but there are loads of other food debates that have

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Dan Talks – Table Manners

Now if I say so myself, I think I’m a pretty polite person – I always hold open doors for people and say please and thank you and I’ve never had any complaints (apart from my mum, of course). So I found it pretty funny when I stumbled upon a news article this week about

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