Who said Christmas is coming?

Potters Theatre Company Christmas Spectacular

We did!

Here is our handy checklist of clear signs that Christmas is well and truly on its way… ho ho ho!

1 – Glitter starts to appear everywhere as people happily sprinkle it on anything and everything, from Christmas jumpers to their faces and even around the rim of drinks glasses!

2 – Ice skating rinks begin to pop up. Every city and town seems to have an ice skating rink for plucky would-be Torvill & Deans to practice their moves on. If you’re like us, just standing up is a success!

3 – Christmas-themed products arrive adorned with Santas and snowflakes. Coffee shops bring out limited edition cups and special festive drinks, and Santa and snowman-shaped chocolates and biscuits fill the shelves.

4 – Everyone talks about when it’s going to snow, or if it’ll be the first big White Christmas since ‘snowy 2004’, despite the fact no-one wants the hassle of travelling in it! Newspapers and websites will spark mass debate by publishing betting odds that a snowy Christmas day is on its way.

5 – Shops become busier and busier until you don’t even dare to try shopping anymore. As heading into a city or town centre in the build-up to Christmas becomes less and less appealing, especially at weekends, we all develop a love for online shopping!

6 – You seem to have a drink in your hand most of the time. Sometimes it seems every night of the week it’s time for a post-work Christmas tipple. Anyone for a snowball, prosecco or mulled cider? Why not?!

7 – Clothes start getting tighter! It’s Christmas after all, and that’s what baggy Christmas jumpers are made for… so anyone for another Santa shaped chocolate?

8 – The Christmas taste buds fire up and pigs in blankets and mince pies become an almost constant craving. Turkey, pickled onions, cinnamon, gingerbread and anything that ‘tastes’ like Christmas suddenly top the everyday menu.

9 – Christmas songs start playing permanently in your head and everyone remembers they know every word to every Christmas song. “Everyone dancin’ merrily in the new old-fashioned way…”

10 – The ‘Christmas season’ of festive dinners and drinks kicks in and you’re obliged to see every one of your friends. Suddenly you have no time to yourself and your commitment to catch-up and on-demand TV suffers terribly!

11 – People start talking about Secret Santa, and the thought of opening your present and being disappointed and/or embarrassed in front of colleagues is a constant source of anguish.

12 – Someone takes great pleasure in reminding you how quickly time flies, and how they warned you in June it would soon be Christmas!